do black and mild cigars have nicotine in them or are they just tobacco? some of my friends say it doesn’t and those friends don’t smoke ciggarete they only smoke balck and milds and they don’t smoke them very offen and one of them said it don’t and I was just wanting to know the truth.

luv_my_rats replied: "If it contains tobacco, then it has nicotine.

Nicotine wiki: "

brendanfrett replied: "If there is tobacco in the cigar they have nicotine in them. Nicotine is naturally in tobacco leaves, much like THC is naturally in marijuana."

Rick J replied: "all tobacco has tar in its not something they just put in there

tell me if i look good"

catbandini replied: "black and milds still have nicotine in them tobacco is nocotine even though milds are milds they can be just as harmful as normal ciggarets so theres the truth"

Panathinaikos replied: "Tobacco is what causes the nicotine. Nicotine makes it adictive and thats why you see disgusting commercials of how they rake out somebody’s lungs and squeezes them. After that yellow appears. Gross! My advice, just don’t smoke, don’t listen to BS like that. Its just like asking, "If I was in front of a train moving 400 mph and I stay still, will I die?" It decreases your life by 5 years if you were to live a full life. It might be tough but it’s worth it :D "

Herfnerd replied: "ALL tobacco products have nicotine – it is naturally ocurring.

However, if you don’t inhale, like you are not supposed to, than it will be much less than a cigarette"

Do Black & Mild Cigars have Nicotine? I quit smoking cigarettes in May and now, everytime I get stressed, I go buy a black and mild to smoke, I know it’s just as bad but, am I becoming addicted again??

Richard B replied: "All tobacco products have nicotine in them. It’s a naturally occuring substance in the tobacco leaves themselves. Find something else to relieve the stress. Take a walk. Drink some water. Chew some gum. Have a piece of fruit."

Karen replied: "All of them do. It sounds like you are getting addicted again. Talk to your doctor."

Kat replied: "Yes & yes! I quit 11 years ago if I could just have one once in a while I’d love it!! But it was my drug of choice!! Do something else when you stress drink water or something you are getting addicted to the cigars now. I still after all these years when nervous or stressed rub my pointer and middle finger together as that is where my cig used to be weird huh!!"

allison k replied: "yes lots
and thats how my bbie restarted,
just the occaasional cigar,
2.i am not inhaling,
3. i am just inhaling a little,
4.i may as well have a cigarrette seeing as i am already inhaling and cigarrettes are better coz they have a filter -
5. oh well may as well smoke 20 a day then"
that was his progression from cigars back to cigarettes lol
he has stopped again now"

How much nicotine is in a black and mild cigar? My dog ate one, how much nicotine is toxic to dogs?

Happy Meal? replied: "its toxic to everyone not just dogs"

Jessie replied: "Make him vomit it back up if he ate it in the last two hours. To accomplish this, give one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide per ten pounds of body weight and then walk him for 15 minutes.

And call a vet and or ASPCA Poison Control at 888-426-4435 for help."

Jasmine_M replied: "strong cigarette contains 1.1 mg of nicotine. A cigar, depending on its size and type, can contain anywhere from 10 to 444 mg of nicotine
Black contains 275mg. If injested however the tomach acids will process it just like any food. your dog might have diareah, but thats about it."

Are Black and Mild Cigars Addictive? So I know that they contain nicotine like any other tobacco product but my question is this. How are they meant to be smoked? Are you meant to inhale them or just keep the smoke in your mouth like most cigars. If you don’t inhale can they still be addictive?

dacoolestkat replied: ""they contain nicotine"

Nuff said."

Kevin replied: "They aren’t meant to be smoked but people still do. Even if you don’t inhale a little smoke is probably still going to get into your lungs so I would say yes they could possibly be addictive."

Herfnerd replied: "Unless you inhale, and cigars of any type are not meant to be inhaled, they will not be addictive"

kenna b replied: "Yes."

James replied: "Just because you don’t inhale doesn’t mean that some nicotine doesn’t enter your system. Chewing tobacco and smokeless tobacco are certainly addictive, and some people are addicted to cigars as well."

Black And Mild Pipe Cigars? Tomorrow night, I am going to steal one or a few Black And Mild Pipe Tobacco Cigars. Are they better or worse than cigarettes? How do you smoke them? Do they contain nicotine? Does the nicotine enter your bloodstream without inhaling the smoke? Just swishing the smoke in your mouth and blowing it back out.

Jacob replied: "Don’t bother. Black and mild cigars are not realy worth it. Get some real cigars instead."

Daniel J replied: "I would say that if you smoke them properly they will be better for you than cigarettes. Just puff them, swirl the smoke in your mouth, and blow the smoke out into the environment where you are smoking. They do contain nicotine. The nicotine will enter your bloodstream through your olfactory glands, but only in small amounts if you don’t inhale. I personally do know people that choose to inhale these cigars that smell so good. Enjoy cigar smoking these cigars are probably the #1 seller in the United States."

replied: "Smoke them like a normal cigarette. They give you a way better buzz than cigarettes. Steal the Wine flavor ones. The normal flavor is terrible"

Do cigars contain nicotine? specifically Black and Mild cigars made from pipe tobacco.

mrscmmckim replied: "Absolutely! They are made with tobacco which is the source of the nicotine. Here is some info you should know!

Cigar Smoking Skyrockets
Cigar Smoking Skyrockets

Article date: 1998/12/31
Between 1989 and 1993, cigar smoking skyrocketed 133 percent according to researchers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute’s Department of Cancer Control and Epidemiology in Buffalo, N.Y. Their findings were published in the July 1998 edition of the American Journal of Public Health. Researchers surveyed 22 communities in North America, and found an increase in cigar use among both sexes, as well as in all age groups, races, incomes, educational levels and smoking frequency.
Their findings concur with those of many scientists, who noted a sharp decline in the prevalence of cigar smoking from 1964 to 1991, then a resurgence in popularity, particularly among younger adults, over the past few years. According to the Cigar Association of America, two billion cigars were sold to 10 million cigar smokers in 1994, the first year of a marked increase in sales. In 1996, 4.4 billion cigars were sold, marking a 45 percent increase in sales since 1993. Many people believe these increases are due in large part because of manufacturer’s marketing and advertising efforts, celebrity endorsements of cigars as glamorous and acceptable, and the linking of cigars and the supposed good life in TV shows, movies, and magazines.

Researchers also noted the public may think cigar smoking is a safer and less addictive alternative to cigarettes. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, cancer deaths among cigar smokers are 34 percent higher than among nonsmokers. They also state cigar smoking causes cancers of the larynx, oral cavity, esophagus, and lungs. Just like cigarettes, cigars contain nicotine.

A 1996 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), found an estimated six million US teenagers aged 14-19 had smoked at least one cigar within the past year.

Here are some other facts about cigars and their usage:

The carcinogens and cancer-producing chemicals found in cigarettes are also present in cigars.

Cigar smokers have three times the risk of developing lung cancer than nonsmokers, according to a 1985 study in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (JNCI).

Cigar smokers are more likely than nonsmokers to suffer from persistent coughs, phlegm, and are at increased risk of peptic ulcers, according to a 1987 issue of The American Journal of Public Health.

Concentrations in tar and nicotine are much higher in cigars than cigarettes, according to a study in a 1988 edition of Preventative Medicine. In a presentation at a June 1998 American Cancer Society conference on the health risks of cigar smoking, scientist Jack Henningfield, PhD, vice president of research and health policy at Pinney Associates noted the amounts of nicotine in cigars. "A study of 10 cigar types showed that cigars contain amounts of nicotine ranging (on the low end) from that equivalent to a single cigarette to (on the high end) that equivalent to an entire pack of cigarettes. Most cigars contain nicotine in quantities equivalent to several cigarettes," he said.

Exposure to secondhand cigar smoke carries the same risks as exposure to secondhand cigarette smoke, according to an article in the January 10, 1995 edition of TheWashington Post.

Cigar packages bear no warning from the Surgeon General, as cigarette packages do.

The 1990 Budget Reconciliation Act taxes cigars at a federal level of $1.125 per thousand, which equals less than a penny each.

According to a presentation at the ACS cigar conference given by researcher John Slade, MD, addiction and chemical dependencies specialist at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Jersey, "The sale of cigars has increased markedly in the past five years. Despite the fact that virtually all of the advertising and promotion of these products has been for premium cigars, 83 percent of the increase in unit volume has been among the inexpensive, machine-made varieties. These brands are sold in pharmacies and convenience stores."
He added there is an inordinate number of brands and varieties of cigars, but only five companies comprise 95 percent of the market: Swisher International, Havatampa, Consolidated Cigar, Middleton, and Culbro (General Cigar). With the exception of Havatampa, which only sells machine made cigars, each company sells both economy and premium lines of cigars.

Scientists agree more research must be done on the effects of cigar smoking, what can be done to address the rise in consumption, what resources are available to combat the problem, and how smoking prevalence should be studied among adults and teenagers."

Sybillance replied: "Yep. all tobacco products contain some level of nicotine, be it cigars or cigarettes. cigars have a natural level (i forget what percent) of nicotine present in tobacco leaves; cigarettes have all kinds of chemicals and higher levels of nicotine (which makes them all that more addicting). I tried black and milds, and the word around cigar smokers is that they have glycerine and other additives… = not real cigars."

Why cant I smoke an entire Black and Mild cigar in 1 sitting? I had no idea where to put this question category wise, so this seems like a good enough place.
I am 18 so dont bite my head off :)
How can I smoke an entire Black and Mild cigar in one sitting?
I try but I seem not to be able to do it…I have the time for it so I know thats not the reason…maybe its because of the nicotine?
If there are any other guys out there who can smoke an entire Black and Mild let me know what your doing! (for the record I have been smoking Black and Milds for 2 months)

Rockstar Jersey replied: "you’re lungs are just not used to it. i smoke but still sometimes i can’t smoke a whole one because i just can’t stand it"

First L replied: "quit being a pussie and keep toking"

Jacob replied: "Start by smoking a real cigar and stop the black and milds. Or get yourself a pipe and start smoking that. Pipes are a lot better than those machine made cigars anyway."

Black and Milds cigars? I’ve been smoking for about a year now, I dont really get a buzz anymore, on rare occasions maybe. But I’ve smoked a couple Black and Milds, never got a buzz, even when I first started smoking. I inhale completely, I know your not supposed to with a cigar but w/e. And I heard they have like 10 times more nicotine, why dont I ever feel anything from a Black and Mild? not even a light buzz or even that relaxed feeling you get after a cig. I dont understand…

swelou replied: "I hate that buzz makes me want to puke."

Sugs replied: "To understand about smoking if you have not heard enough than do go speak with your doctor. Have no idea as to why anyone of age would want to worry about getting buzzed and hurting their body."

♥BlueEyes♥ replied: "Not sure why either. I can smoke them every once in a while, but even when I do I get a little dizzy. Maybe try one of the flavored ones, the Apple or Wine are pretty good. lol"

Cigar Smoking / Black and Milds? Tomorrow my friends and I (were all 17, one 18) are getting some Black and Milds and a Cigar each. I’m not looking to smoke them regularly but just tomorrow to kinda relax with them. I just have some questions and would appreciate some answers.

1. How addictive are cigars and black and milds if I don’t inhale the smoke? I know they have nicotine but I will only be doing them 2-3 times a year so I doubt I will be addicted.

2. How great is the risk of cancer if I don’t inhale?

3. For Cigar smokers, what is a nice smooth flavor cigar to get on my first time thats easy to smoke and is really good? What is the name of it and how much does it cost?

4. For Black and Mild smokers, what is a nice smooth black and mild to get for my first time that is a good flavor and easy to smoke? Whats the name and how much does it cost?

5. Do certain cigars / black and milds have less nicotine in them? If so what are they called?

6. Should I keep the filter on the black and milds?

girl replied: "lol your silly you wont get cancer or addicted from smoking just 3 black and milds. i like the wine black and milds. they are the smoothest to me. oh and you should also try the wooden tips they’re pretty cool. and just inhale its not gonna kill you…unless you become addicted then maybe it will lol"

jon replied: "you’ll probably be fine w/ a black and mild or cigar- don’t really see the need for both.
they are still addicting without inahling"

Herfnerd replied: "1. Cigars are not addicting and you are correct that you do not inhale them.

2. Lung cancer? Minimal. But oral cancer is a possibility if you are genetically predisposed to the condition. Gum disease is a possiblity along with ;possible other health issues

3. In a premium cigar, you should look for something from the Domincian Republic that is Ct shade wrapped. Some goods ones to try include Macanudo, Butera Royal Vintage, Ashton, Davidoff and Fonseca – they are mild bodied and creamy. Depending on the vitola and where you live, a stick will start around $5 on up.

4. I don’t smoke machine made dreck so I can’t answer this one

6. Premium handrolled cigars will have much of the nicotine sweated out of the leaf during the fermentation process but they all still contain nicotine.

6. Yes, as removing them may damage the stick. They are not filters either, but wood or plastic tipped to keep from chewing or slobbering on the cigar.

Keep in mind that cigars differ from cigarettes – cigarettes are chopped filler tobacco with additives (including added nicotine) rolled in a bleached paper wrapper with a filter made of cellulose acetate fibers. It is inhaled and nothing more than a nicotine delivery system. Cigars (premium handrolleds) are natural tobacco rolled in a binder leaf and finished with a leaf wrapper. No other additives unless you are smoking a flavored/scented one. They are NOT inhaled and smoked for flavor and aroma."